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I am a senior Amazon Web Services Provider and I've been working since 2010. Especially I am an expert on Amazon Storefront, Amazon Product Listing And Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC). I've uploaded 1500+ product to Amazon Store for my clients. If you need SEO optimized product listing to your Amazon store then I can do for you. Send me a message that we can discuss further. 

Importance of SEO Optimized Product Listing on Amazon?

  1. The companies that focus on selling a product, Amazon is the best option to sell their products.
  2. The Amazon is a search engine just like any other, so it’s important that you think about optimization.
  3. An SEO optimized product listing can increase 10x more sales & profit. 
  4. The Amazon algorithm doesn’t change nearly as much as the Google algorithm.
  5. Once you create an SEO optimized listing then you can do business long time on Amazon. 
  6. And Much More!

What do I need to complete your project?

  • Seller Central Access.
  • UPC Codes.
  • High Resolution Product Images.
  • Description of your Products.

I will add max 5 products without variations or 3 products with variations. Please feel free to ask me any questions and I am always ready to answer your questions. Thank you

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