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I work in PR and I get celebrities verified all the time with my contacts at major record labels and agencies. 


For £1000 I will research your brand and work with you to present your case to my contacts in the best possible light, and then we will submit a case for verification. 


I do NOT take on clients that I feel won't get accepted, I don't want any disappointments.

However, in the unlikely event that you are not accepted you need not fear, as I do not close and accept the payment if your request is rejected, only when I see that blue tick! :) 


You will need to provide me with your other social media details, your company / personal website / blog etc. The whole process can take up to a month, please be patient! In general, if your Facebook doesn't have at least 1k in followers, then you'll struggle, however there are things we can do. 


I can verify most any company, but needs to be a genuine brand or public persona. 


If you're serious about this, order my service and we'll go from there. And YES this is genuine. Please do not ask me for proof, all my clients are confidential, however I'm happy to talk you through the process. 

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