I will Professionally Proofread Your 500 words Document for £5

  • Professionally Proofread Your 500 words Document
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Welcome to my PRO proofreading & editing service! This is my favorite writing-related service. I provide clients here on Fivesquid.


I am a professionally trained journalist, editor, and writer with over 4-years of experience writing articles and blogs, product reviews, website contents, and social media posts. I have a BSc's Degree in mass communication.


I have edited more than 100,000 words for my clients on other freelance platforms. As such, I am comfortable proofreading, editing, and providing feedback on any type of writing, for any type of industry.


With this service, you can expect:

Professional proofreading

2 revisions minimum

Document feedback

Expert information for making a long-term press plan

I am constantly proofing and editing content that's being published across the world.

*I am open to all custom orders, no matter the Word Count*


Let's get to work.



"To write is human, to edit is divine." - Stephen King

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