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This is the BEST Podcast Promotion and Advertising Offer on fivesquid!!You’ve a new or existing podcast, we have proven, effective packages that will meet your marketing needs. With hundreds of new PODCASTS being added every day, it’s imperative that you get an podcast marketing package that will get your podcast noticed in the vast sea of podcasts on iTunes. We know how hard it is to get a podcast in the top position in any category on iTunes. Sometimes it seems impossible to rank! We can get you in the top 20! Check it out:- 1. We will promote your podcast to real listeners 2. REAL listeners are more likely to engage subscribe. 3. Our people will listen to your latest 5 episodes If you want listeners for all of your episodes, no problem! Just let me know. 5. We pro-mote in the US iTunes store only, so your ranking will be domestic. 6. We can do other iTunes stores too. Believe in QUALITY - not QUANTITY. That's why we're the #1 podcast promotion service on fivesquid!

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