I will Complete Backup Solution for your wordpress/woocommerce website for £35

  • Complete Backup Solution for your wordpress/woocommerce website
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Is Your Website and its Content Safe and Secure?
From now leave the worry if something bad happens to your wordpress website.

✔ Installation of the latest version of BackupBuddy (Premium)
✔ Detailed configuration of the plugin
✔ Save your website with one complete backup
✔ Setting BackupBuddy access permission
✔ Configure all email notifications to admin so if anything goes wrong you would be informed immediately 
✔ Settings local archive storage limits
✔ Inclusions & Exclusions that which databases, files & directories should be backed up 
✔ Configure all basic operations like: max local storage, cron actions, backup reminders etc..
✔ Settings all logging levels
✔ Technical & Server Compatibility Checks, PHP runtime test interval, PHP memory test interval etc..
✔ Database method strategy, Break out big table dumps into steps, Use separate files per table
✔ Zip: Enable zip compression, Zip method strategy, Ignore/do-not-follow symbolic links
✔ Configuration of Automatic backups that will be generated on a Twice a month schedule 

Bonus: I will check scheduled Wordpress Tasks (CRON Jobs) and inform you if i found any problem in your website.


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