I will Speed Up Your Wordpress Website and Performance for £35

  • Speed Up Your Wordpress Website and Performance
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Don’t you just hate slow websites?

Well, you’re certainly not alone: your visitors hate them too — and, to make matters worse, so does Google. That’s right, if you want your website to rank highly in search engines, sell more products, generate more leads, earn more revenue, or simply deliver a more positive user experience then this service for you.

Included with this service:

✔ Installation & Configuration of WP Rocket Premium Version
✔ Enabling GZIP Compression in .htaccess file
✔ Minification / Concatenation of HTML, CSS & JavaScript 
✔ Configuration of Page Caching 
✔ Configuration of Browser Caching 
✔ Add LazyLoad All Images
✔ Database Optimization
✔ Sitemap Preloading
✔ Defer JS Loading
✔ Sitemap Preloading
✔ Google Font Optimization
✔ Removing of Query String from Static Resources
✔ Installation of any Plugin to Speedup Website
✔ Mobile Cache: Enable caching for mobile devices
✔ I will take a deep look into your website and provide suggestions to further improve website


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