I will Design Security Strategy to Secure & Protect Wordpress Website for £50

  • Design Security Strategy to Secure & Protect Wordpress Website
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★★★ Do you want to Drastically Improve the Security of Your Website? ★★★
Unfortunately, WordPress can be an easy target. Let me help you drastically increase your site's security. 


✔ Installation & configuration of the best premium security plugin
✔ Run a detailed security check on your website
✔ Set up and ensure website is using the recommended security features
✔ Allow / Disallow to write to wp-config.php and .htaccess
✔ Automatically block users snooping around for pages to exploit by 404 detection
✔ Enabling AWAY MODE to allow to disable access to the WordPress Dashboard for the specified period
✔ Banned Users: Block specific IP addresses and user agents from accessing the site
✔ Protecting from an attack is to have access to a database backup of your site
✔ File Change detection: Will tell you what files have changed in your WordPress installation alerting you to changes not made by admin.

✔Local & Network BRUTE FORCE Protection

✔Check and ensure that strong passwords are used in the WordPress installation
✔Setting Server Config & wp-config.php rules & Malware Scan Scheduling

and much more..


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