I will sell you a license to use 1 of the 2 videos as your music video for £50

  • sell you a license to use 1 of the 2 videos as your music video
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Expected delivery 8 days

This is not an exclusive license. It will be available to any purchaser at any time. 

Message me to see the entire 4 minute version.

What you are buying is a license to use this video for a - single use - End Product. You may only use this video for ONE project. It cannot be repackaged and re-sold, or used in multiple video projects. It is the property of PacoSpain and PacoSpain retains all rights even after you purchase a license.

This footage is 4 minutes long. All unique footage, no repeat shots, filmed and edited by us, We  own all rights to this footage.   

The video is delivered in full 1080P with no audio. (The music you hear in the sample video is for demonstration purposes only.)

A license agreement will be included with the purchase of 1 of the videos, that you choose.

What i get exactly?

- 1 of the videos you choose (no audio) 240 seconds long

- Full 1080p

- 1 license agreement

Choose 1 of the videos, see above or copy/paste the link into a new tab or window

1. https://youtu.be/Q79aBUk--4k
2. https://youtu.be/lvu7aDys6gc

This is perfect to incorporate into your music videos as well as other projects.

Want an unique video? goo.gl/kC438D

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Get both of the videos + 2 licenses (£10 discount)
No extra time required
*includes the price of the gig