I will provide on page & off page SEO service for £200

  • provide on page  & off page SEO service
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I'm unravel the mystery of SEO and apply the logic I have gained.  The process starts with my unrivaled SEO audit and continues with onsite optimizations, website indexing set-up, targeted keyword research, and personalized monthly initiatives.


SEO Audit, Website indexing set-up, 10 key onsite optimizations and installations.


  • Technical (security, search engines configuration, site architecture)

  • Research (on-page, off-page, keywords, competitor analysis)

  • Optimization (title, meta, heading, content)

  • Backlinks (targeted outreach to build high-quality backlinks

  • Initiatives (each month has a specific ranking goal)


How long does it take for results?


SEO is an ongoing work minimum 6 months required for better results. This is completely depending on your website's factors such as; domain age, current rankings, and previous optimization (good or bad).


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Service is available as a monthly subscription; optional at checkout.

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