I will edit your screenplay and give you professional feedback for £100

  • edit your screenplay and give you professional feedback
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I will edit your spec screenplay  (up to 120 pages) and provide you with ten pages of detailed notes.

I’m a professional writer with over 30 years experience during which I have written fifteen screenplays, published twenty two books and directed and produced three feature films, two documentaries and seven shorts. You can view some of my work on YouTube.

I studied screenwriting at NYU in New York and creative writing at Oxford University in England. I have been awarded grants from the Arts Council of Ireland and the Irish Film Board. If you are interested in working with me then you must MESSAGE ME FIRST to discuss the project. 

I will provide ten pages of detailed feedback in five areas:

1. Story - how good is it

2. Structure - how many stages and turning points

3. Characters - protagonist and antagonist

4. Dialogue - is it realistic

5. Formatting - will it pass industry standard. If not, what needs to be done.

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I will format it from start to finish
plus 3 days
I will edit and provide feedback in super fast time
plus 3 days
*includes the price of the gig