I will research and analyse your competitors’ digital marketing and sales strategy for £5

  • research and analyse your competitors’ digital marketing and sales strategy
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If you need to do research about your competitors and are looking for help, search no further because your search ends here with me. (Promise).


If you are looking to assess the online marketing or sales strategy being used by your competitors, I will do that for you. 

Or if you are looking to identify your competitors; I.e, who they are, and what they do, to enable you to plan your own business strategy, I am here to help.


My services include:

1. Identifying your competitors, their web address, location, social media handles.

2. Researching their target market/customer

3. Finding their online marketing strategy (What makes them tick)

4. Researching their strength, Weakness, to identify where you have an opportunity and where they may be a threat to you. (SWOT Analysis)




Please for five pounds, I will offer the number 1 service on the list above which is to identify and list your competitors and their website/physical address including their social media handles and links.



Please for further research starting from No.2 in the list above, kindly select an added service in the add extra section  here.

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Detailed research of 1 competitor
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Detailed Research of two competitors
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Detailed research of four competitors
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