I will re-write any article to give it originality for £5

  • re-write any article to give it originality
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Having worked as an online editor for more than 7 years, I have gained experience in editing stories/articles to suit an organisation’s house style and give it originality. Being a journalist is hard work. But being an editor is also demanding. You can’t have all your reporters at every news event and in such times, you rely on other news sources. Sourcing and editing or re-writing them to suit your house style and audience takes time and of course energy.

Hire me to ease your stress and let’s be partners in progress.

I can source, edit and re-write any news story or article and make it look unique to your editorial style. No plagiarism involved, stories would be duly sourced and re-written/edited according to your demands and sent in immediately they are done. 

I am happy to do this continuously, or as often as you’d like. Thanks.


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