I will Make Your Slow Shared Hosting Faster Via Free Cloudflare CDN for £50

  • Make Your Slow Shared Hosting Faster Via Free Cloudflare CDN
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Speedup your Wordpress / Woocommerce etc. based E-commerce site

Most of these hosting providers have certain limits in place for shared hosting accounts. So if you start getting more traffic, your site suddenly disappears and then you need to wait for the limits to be reset to resume the site. Causing you to lose sales, leads and of course losing credibility in front of your visitors. 

All you have to do is distribute your traffic over different servers to get over these limits. 
Sounds tough?

Don't worry it's pretty quick to do and you will save hundreds of dollars each year as you do not need to upgrade to a higher hosting plan! 

I will configure CloudFlare CDN for your site to reduce your server usage. 

How does this benefit?

  1. You stay within the server capacity allocated to you. No more site downtime
  2. Server limits always stay in the green
  3. Site loads MUCH faster due to the CDN effect. 
  4. Boost in Google rankings due to increased speed

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