I will STOP you being de-ranked by Google - An SEO MUST for £50

  • STOP you being de-ranked by Google - An SEO MUST
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Are you not ranking in Google?  This may be because you do not have an SSL certificate. all sites now need one if they have payment options or a contact form or login area, you will soon disappear from ranking on the worlds biggest search engine!

We will install this for you (You may be liable for an additional cost for the SSL certificate if your hosting company does not supply one for free.)

The SSL certificate has long been known to give a boost to rankings and now Google have put much more importance and weight on this as a ranking factor. So much so that if you have any of the following on your website then you will be de-ranked and given an instant Google penalty, if not already.


Conditions requiring SSL

1. Using a web form

2. Using a user login area 

3. Payments including PayPal


99.9% of websites use web forms in the format of contact forms, as such you will be required to install a SSL certificate onto your website.


This can be easy depending on hosting company used, those with Siteground will find this easiest. 

Please message us BEFORE ordering, with your hosting company details so we can assess the situation for you.

Thank you


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