I will Backup Your Wordpress Website With BackupBuddy Premium for £5

  • Backup Your Wordpress Website With BackupBuddy Premium
  • Backup Your Wordpress Website With BackupBuddy Premium
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Is Your Website and its Content Safe and Secure?

From now leave the worry if something bad happens to your wordpress website.

"Only someone who has lost his/ her website to a hack attempt or crash can understand the catastrophic impact it can have if proper backups are not in place."

I would install the latest version of BackupBuddy (Premium) on your website.

Why the BackupBuddy is the Best plugin over other plugins (Features):

Complete Wordpress Website Backups

Scheduled Automatic Backups

Store Wordpress Backups Off-Sites

Restore Your Wordpress Website

Wordpress Migration

Clone Wordpress

Wordpress Staging & Deployment

Backup Your Entire Website (database + all WP files)

Restore Your Website Quickly and Easily From Backups

and many more


With new BackupBuddy Plugin you will have an option to backup entire website, database only, plugins or images separately.


You can also be able to clone your entire website if you want to have a same copy of your website.

Scheduled Automatic Backups:

Your website would be automatically backed up according to your settings

Please Note: This service is only to install and activate the plugin, for advanced configuration please buy the Extras.


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Advanced Settings of Backup Buddy
plus 1 day
Configure backups send to remote destinations (Google Drive)
plus 1 day
Unsure how often to schedule? Buy this and we will do it for you.
No extra time required
I will Speed Up Your Wordpress Website With WP Rocket PRO
plus 2 days
*includes the price of the gig