I will Update and Maintain your website contents for £5

  • Update and Maintain your website contents
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Hi to All Website Owners!


I'm providing this service specifically for busy website owner or business owner who have very limited time to ensure your website contents are up to date and all the information displayed are correct in realtime. Any type of websites. I could update plain static HTML sites too.


This service is made for...

  • Small local shop - add promotion, events.
  • Pet grooming shop - update recent testimonies, images, promotion.
  • Local restaurant - update latest online menus, order form, customers' images.
  • Real Estate Agency - update recent listings, images, remove expired listings..
  • Business Start Up - keep the site fresh while focusing on offline customers.
  • Ecommerce Site Owner - update your online products, etc.
  • Private Consultant, Spa Business, and others

I've been maintaining 20+ websites owned by local businesses all around UK, from dog grooming shop in Manchester, to Beauty Spa Salon in Poole.

I will keep your website fresh with your provided info such as product image, pricing update, promotional contents & banners with no more than 1 page edit/update/create monthly/one-off.  Contents must be provided by you.


Cheers :-)

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2 pages edit/update/create
plus 1 day
4 pages edit/update/create
plus 1 day
up to 10 pages edit/update/create
plus 4 days
I will deliver this order in 2 days
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*includes the price of the gig