I will create an awesome BESPOKE QR CODE for £40

  • create an awesome BESPOKE QR CODE
  • create an awesome BESPOKE QR CODE
  • create an awesome BESPOKE QR CODE
  • create an awesome BESPOKE QR CODE
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Take your marketing to another level with a bespoke QR code.

I can create a BESPOKE EMBEDDED QR CODE that incorporates your brand's colours and identity - giving you a tool that users, clients and customers will be eager to click.

I can provide you with a bespoke QR codes for:

• Website URLs (most common)

• Business Cards

•Information in the form of a text

• A text message

• An entry for your mobile phone calendar (an excellent way for people to remember your event)

• A code that contains geolocation coordinates

• A code which contains a phone number

• A code that contains info to access a wireless network (no more long passwords just scan the QR!)

My QR codes have a high level of REDUNDANCY which means they scan well even in low-light conditions. ALL codes are tested using up to 10 different readers on Android and iPhone devices.

Check out the codes in the images above some of them have been set to scan for demo purposes (Intervideo is just a demo the rest of the codes are live).

So if you are looking for a way of standing out from the correct a BESPOKE EMBEDDED QR CODE might be just what you need.

See what else you can add to your order

Add a logo to the center of the QR code (please note only simple single colour logos permitted)
plus 3 days
Receive a vector PDF of your QR code which can be scaled to any size
plus 3 days
Upgrade to an ENHANCED bespoke QR Code which contains additional graphics and custom clipart (see images)
plus 3 days
Make your code dynamic, this will allow you to change the destination of the code twice within a year so
plus 3 days
I will deliver this order in 1 day
Includes Extras
*includes the price of the gig