I will write 3 catchy taglines/slogans for your business for £5

  • write 3 catchy taglines/slogans for your business
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Every business needs an effective tagline to attract customers. Not only should a tagline be catchy, it should also describe your business in no more than a line! that is the actual challenge when it comes to writing taglines. A tagline conveys the brand personality and tell the customer what makes your product different! I will give you 3 different options for taglines for one business, product, book or website!

I can also work with you as a brand consultant to study your brand and come up with the perfect tagline for you. This gig 'Extra' includes a skype session of 10 minutes to understand your brand. This will greatly increase your chances to come up with the perfect tagline.

Important: Due to some previous experiences I have to add this point here. Please note that I shall only give you 3 options for the taglines for the 5GBP service. They will be original, authentic and effective. Even if you don't use them they will give you quite some food for thought. However please don't expect me to keep giving you options until you choose one. That is not possible and just NOT Fair . If you need specialized service please order the extras :) Looking forward to your kind understanding.

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I will work with you as a brand consultant and ensure we comeup with the best tagline.
No extra time required
*includes the price of the gig