I will proofread and edit any document of up to 2000 words for £5

  • proofread and edit any document of up to 2000 words
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Writing that perfect essay, business plan, story - or indeed anything that involves stringing words and sentences together - can be a bit of a minefield. From grammar and punctuation, to the more abstract notions of rhythm and fluidity, all of these things contribute to the overall quality of a piece. 

Sometimes it can all be a little overwhelming, can't it? Sometimes even the most practiced eyes can grow blind to the stream of words before them.

I'm here to lend a helping hand. If you need somebody with a penchant for the English language, writing and linguistics, then look no further. I will proofread and edit documents of any sort of up to 4000 words for £5.

I will:

- Ensure that all of your grammar and punctuation is correct.

- Identify areas where the flow and sentence structure is weak and make the correct amendments.

- Monitor your overall use of language and vocabulary, and suggest appropriate changes where need be.

- Ensure that your piece is of the highest quality!

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