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Quality -> Working with latest tools, technology, strategies and rules. 
Effectiveness -> Deploying what is really effective on your business.
Optimization -> Doing of what is working for your business growth more and discarding what doesn't work for your business. Avoid wastage of time, money and efforts.

1.  Audit 

2. Research & Planning

3. Local SEO

4. Ad Campaigns

5. Building Organic Traffic 

6. Website Optimization

7. Geo Tagging and Google Business Profile

8. Social Media Marketing

9. Influencer Marketing 

Each business is different and so is its market. I will provide custom digital marketing solutions according to nature of the business, its current standing, competition it is facing, target market, level of results you want to achieve, your marketing budget and time frame.

I've gained important skills in online marketing space from working with clients from all over the world. I like clear tasks. My ideal clients know what they want. My aim is building long-term fruitful business relationships with them.

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