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With over 15 years experience as a creative digital artist I can remove backgrounds from images to a great standard but such work takes time and skill to do correctly.  Perhaps you want to emphasise a foreground object or are you looking for help to sell items online and you want to get rid of the floor or background?  Using a graphics tablet, advanced masking techniques and my own brushes I can provide a clean, smooth exclusion of your submitted images.

Magic wands, fancy selection tools or shortcuts are no substitute for the real thing - achieving high quality clipping or exclusion takes time with a steady hand and attention to detail.  My methods are careful, considered and essential in achieving a high standard of work.  Let me save you the time in extracting an element from up to 3 pictures resulting in a high quality transparent PNG file devoid of surrounding artefacts.

In return for each submitted picture I'll remove the background or that which you specify and send you the image as a .JPG with a white background and a .PNG with a transparent background.

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