I will create an Amazing dialogue advertising video for 24 hours for £5

  • create an Amazing dialogue advertising video for 24 hours
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Nowadays, the advertising is almost all for any successful business!

The video advertising also gains more and more popularity!

I will create this Funny advertising video for your website or social media to present your business only for £5!

Additionally, I will place your logo, any banner, tel., or address on the video for free!!

You still have not a logo?  I will create a simple logo for your website for free!

Instructions: Please, send me:

  • Your short text question.

  • Your short text answer

  • Your logo

  • Your web address

Please, send us your short questions and answers like on the video samples!
Note: I will edit the text if needed!

    Please, see our spokesperson testimonial video service if you need spokesperson video at:



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