I will proofread and improve up to 2000 words of texts for £10

  • proofread and improve up to 2000 words of texts
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I can edit and proofread any document; be it articles, blogposts, eBooks, newsletter, academic writing, etc. by making it free from grammatical errors and editing it in a well-written text using proper English. I read every word and sentences line by line and word for word by looking out for inconsistency, word flow, spelling error, punctuations, Grammar, redundancy etc. All these will be edited accurately to suit the whole idea of the message it passes out irrespective of how long it may be.


Two documents will be sent to you. A "corrected copy" ready for printing and a "highlighted copy" marked up with track changes and showing all the corrections. 


If you do not want the highlighted copy, I will provide only the corrected copy.


So, order now and make your articles and documents stand out among others!!!!!!!

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