I will Redirect Old URL to New WordPress URL for £5

  • Redirect Old URL to New WordPress URL
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I will help you to manage 301 redirections, keep track of 404 errors, which will be particularly useful if you are migrating pages from an old website, or are changing the URL.

Live Example @  www.devilhunter.net
Old URL:  www.devilhunter.net/contact-info
New URL: www.devilhunter.net/contact
You can try on any random URL, it will take you to homepage. But specifically this Old URL will take you to New Link.


  • I will provide service for one issue in one website for one time
  • Service Charge is 5 GBP for every 25 URLs


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every extra 25 URLs redirection
plus 1 day
*includes the price of the gig