I will Write Clever, Compelling Product Descriptions Description (50-100 words) for £5

  • Write Clever, Compelling Product Descriptions  Description (50-100 words)
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A win over the most cautious buyers with clever, convincing product descriptions that sell. Consumers are overwhelmed with a growing market of products and you have to make yours stand out! My product descriptions can help your business thrive - here's why:


  • My work is poignant and interesting. Nothing run of the mill, bland, or expected will do for your stellar products.
  • I have zero tolerance for 'fluff'. Your descriptions will be clear, concise, and free of anything that is irrelevant or repetitive.
  • I believe that technical doesn't have to be boring. Yes, it is possible to build technical information into your descriptions without snoozing customers. My creative approach will ensure that the perfect mix of key information is showcased with a hint of charm.
  • Enjoy dedicated customer service. I believe that customer relationships are very important and I work hard to ensure that the job is done right the first time.

    My service has everything that you need to blow away the competition and turn views into sales on any marketplace!

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