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 I have a Secretarial and Word Processing background, specialising in transcription, amending and formatting documents, data entry, copy typing, proofing,conversions, spreadsheets and databases.  I can help you with:


  •  Copy typing up to 25 pages;
  • Formatting documents up to 30 pages;
  • Amending documents from mark-ups up to 40 pages;
  • PDF conversions to Word, including formatting up to 30 pages;
  • Excel spreadsheets and databases;
  • Transcription from audio and video files up to 45 minutes.  Conversational transcription includes punctuation and tidying of grammar;
  • Proofing up to 30 pages.


Please note that there will be an extra charge of £5 for urgent work to be done over the weekend.

Please message me with any enquiries.

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