I will professionally restore retouch or colorize photos for £5

  • professionally restore retouch or colorize photos
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I will professionally retouch and make amendments to an old, damaged photograph. Restore it to their original condition and make it look as if it was taken yesterday.
This main 5£ gig includes the following:Fixing minor scratches, spots, stripes, tears - defects must not cover critical part of the image, as face, hand, area with intricate details.contrast/brightness corrections.
• Professional Customer Support• As many revisions as needed to completely satisfy your expectations• If any photo is beyond repair, or requires additional time, I will let you know asap.• I work only with a digitally scanned copies. Your original photos will not be modified. 
The prices are based on the level of damages and therefore the required work time:Medium, Advanced, Extreme.

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