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I will promote your business or business opportunity from just £5 , supply me with a script of what you want me to say, the rate is £5 per 50 words of text, then choose one of the 4 houses you'd like as the background.


If you want me to stand beside a luxury car, for an extra £5, I can do this for you, there are 9 cars to choose from, Aston Martin, Bentley, BMW, BMW Convertible, Ferrari, Ford Mustang, Jaguar, Mercedes and Mercedes Convertible.


If you're a REAL ESTATE AGENT, you're going to absolutely LOVE this service, because for an additional £5  I can put up a SOLD sign with your details and logo on it - you can do this with or without the luxury car option.


If you would like a different house, you can supply me with a good quality image, and for £5 extra, I can use your image instead.


*Video and audio testimonial services are paid for promotions undertaken by actors. Buyers must therefore ensure this is made clear wherever the testimonial is used.

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