I will make an announcement or news-cast for you in my news studio for £5

  • make an announcement or news-cast for you in my news studio
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As a professional actor and TV presenter, I can produce custom-made videos to help your business stand out above the rest. My services include professional and high quality spokesperson for announcements, testimonials or novelty videos for fun, such as birthdays, weddings, etc...
I will advertise your product, website, service, business, or even you for a fraction of the price with a pro. I usually charge  £50-£150 per hour to do  the same work outside of fivesquid.
In this news-room setting, I can display an image, website, or even video you supply me as an MP4, MOV file, or YouTube Link. Dimensions need to be 16:9 (preferable 1280x720 or 1920x1080). If you would like me to insert your graphic banner where I've got "activerog on fivesquid", it needs to be of 600x100 or 1200x200 dimension.
There is no extra charge for having image and/or banner displayed, however if you want video to be played on the screen whilst I’m reading your script, that’s an extra £5 (see extras list below)
Basic Rate = £5 per 75 words or part, longer scripts, add £5 per 75 words or part thereof.


*Video and audio testimonial services are paid for promotions undertaken by actors. Buyers must therefore ensure this is made clear wherever the testimonial is used.

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*includes the price of the gig