I will monitor your website uptime & downtime 24/7 for £5

  • monitor your website uptime & downtime 24/7
  • monitor your website uptime & downtime 24/7
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Is UPTIME of your web site critical to your business success?

If so, let me set up monitoring of your website  so that you get alerted whenever your website goes down.

I can set up monitoring at every 5 min intervals 24/7.

Web page size monitoring is very important, because it will detect if your website returns empty page. In some cases the web hosting server could respond properly but if your website is hacked or your hosting server is down, our monitoring system will detect it and will notify you.

Basic package includes monitoring for (Monthly Recurring)

  • 1-2 domains / website url
  • Automatic checks on every 5 min., 24x7
  • Sends email notifications whenever your site is down and when its back online.
  • Online status page to view your web uptime statistic/reports.

*This is a monthly subscription service which continuously running to monitor your websites.

  • provide URL address of your web page.
  • Provide us your email to receive status notification.
  • We do not need any other access to your hosting server, because we only monitor the front end.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any question.


Service is available as a monthly subscription; optional at checkout.

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