I will setup a WEBCHAT or SUPPORT CHAT on your website for £10

  • setup a WEBCHAT or SUPPORT CHAT on your website
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Hi there!

Have you ever came across a website that have a tiny cute chatbox for you to chat or ask them directly on the site??

If you ever use one before, then you will know how useful it is for both the web visitor and also the site owner.

As a visitor, you can directly ask them for help or anything wherever they're online without having to fill a form or compose an email which is very time consuming!

As a site owner, you will have the opportunity to interact with the web visitor in realtime like in real life shop. You can offer them help or provide the information on the spot to convince them about your products or services.

Realtime webchat or support chat is very Important for your business. Stop loosing your visitor again.

I will setup a webchat / support chat features on your website.

- Customize the color according to your website theme.

- Add your own cust service agent.

- Access notification, messaging, statistic on any web browser or Android App.

- Contact form while you were offline/away.

- can be integrated in Blogger, Wordpress, Webbly, Wix, HTML or any site platform.

- Comprehensive "User Guide & How To's" available online.

- Check my extras for more options :-)

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