I will manage your Instagram for a month and get you thousands of followers for £50

  • manage your Instagram for a month and get you thousands of followers
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I can offer you something NOBODY on Fivesquids is offering at the moment. I will grow your instagram account legitimately for a month (30 days). You will get genuine and engaged followers and I will provide this. For £50 you get this:


- Day to day monitoring of your account

- Research into the most optimal hashtags and best target market

- 24/7 contact (I reply usually within minutes)

- Optimised growth and long term planning of your account

- Engagement growth 

- Coaching, advice and monetisation help


***and most of all***


- Genuine and ENGAGED followers. NO fakes, NO bots. EVER. :D


Each account varies on the numbers of followers, however I am doing it the LEGITIMATE way and you will end up with a LOT of engaged and interested followers. People who offer thousands of followers will send you fake followers. I can't stress enough FAKE FOLLOWERS DO NOT WORK. It's not worth it. Instagram isn't all about followers, it's about engagement. Someone comments on your post...someone sees that comment, they like it...and so on. 


Don't forget to check out the reviews! Many happy customers!!! 

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