I will Record a 100 word Voiceover within 24 hours for £5

  • Record a 100 word Voiceover within 24 hours
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Are you looking for a voiceover recording? My name is Mike Porter Im a professional British voiceover and ive spent the last 25 years working for some of the largest radio groups in the UK and as a result ive been trained by some of the best voice coaches in the business.

I will voice 100 words for £5

All VO's are delivered as an mp3 (192kbts) within 24 hours, if you want a wav file or delivered faster or if you need the VO timed to fit your video  just buy the appropriate job extra.

Please listen to my demos Here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/alyup6tts1j0r6g/AAD4JPSHVcbKU0_Fa_LSnw5Ra?dl=0

Please make sure your script is correct before sending it to me as if its wrong I will charge to voice it again.

Please note I offer 1 revision on each job, if you require any more versions just buy the jobs again.

Checkout my portfolio: https://soundcloud.com/mike_porter_voice-over

If you would like my to mix your script with music, the cost will be £10 extra

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Make your job the next one I work on
No extra time required
Deliver the finished file as a wav
No extra time required
Match the timing of my voiceover to your video (per minute)
No extra time required
For the TV broadcast licence
No extra time required
*includes the price of the gig