I will decorate your logo for any occasion or holiday for £5

  • decorate your logo for any occasion or holiday
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Prepare your logo for every holiday around the world and keep it on trend!

Surprise your clients with a catchy decorated image.

Just send me the file and in a few hours it will be done. It's just that easy!


Here’s some common ideas for you:


New Year

Chinese New Year

Independence Day



Valentine's Day

Mardi Gras

St. Patrick's Day



Rosh Hashanah




Groundhog Day

Earth Day

5 de Mayo

Mother's Day

Children's Day

Flag Day

Father's Day



And non-common ones:

Embrace Your Geekness Day


Star Wars Day

Pi Day

Talk Like A Pirate Day

Mad Hatter Day

Rocky and Bullwinkle Day

Paul Bunyan Day

Darwin Day

Pac-Man Day

Ethernet Day

Newton’s Principia Day

Star Trek Day

Madame Curie Day

Video Games Day


No matter the subject. Just let me know.

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