I will convert raster image or logo to vector form for £5

  •   convert raster image or logo to vector form
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Expected delivery 2 days

If your image is a very low quality image or not the normal please contact me before ordering to see if your image is compatible, I aim to get back to messages within a few hours. If you do not orders will be cancelled without discussion.

I will professionally turn your logo or illustration into a vector image. IN LESS THAN 24HOURS. For complex design it will take time up to 2 days.

With a vector image your logo or design can be resized to any size desired without pix elation or loss of quality.

This means you can adjust the file to any size you want so it is ready for printing on business card, flyer, etc.  This vectored file can be sent to any designer in the future for editing.

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*includes the price of the gig