I will proofread and edit your writing of up to 2500 words for £10

  • proofread and edit your writing of up to 2500 words
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It can be difficult to review your own work. Due to how we're wired psychologically, when we know what our writing is meant to say the brain fills in the blanks and it reads it as correct. Like those paragraphs with the vowels removed - you know what it says because your brain knows what it is meant to say!

So you need someone with a keen eye for detail and a good working knowledge of spelling and grammar rules (and when they can be broken!) to proofread your work and make those small changes you otherwise could miss. 

As an experienced copy writer, I have the applied knowledge and understanding of writing for a variety of purposes. Academic, sales, content, etc. Whatever you need checking over, I have the skills to help.

This service is for proofreading and editing up to 2500 words - if your text is longer than this, please choose the relevant add on.

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