I will challenge a PCN (Penalty Charge Notice) for you in UK for £10

  • challenge a PCN (Penalty Charge Notice) for you in UK
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As an Ex CCTV Civil Enforcement Officer (Traffic Warden), 1 year experience on the streets of London and 6 years experience in the control room. I will advise and also help you to challenge any parking notice fine you get. I have never lost any PCN challenge so far so I'll rate this service as 99% success rate depending on your circumstances.

Below are my steps:

1. When you order me, send me your PCN attached as a file

2. I will read and view the circumstances you got the ticket and interpret the codes

3. Let you know if the PCN is challenge-able or not, (there are lots of PCN with errors which a member of public will not notice they are errors)

4. I may ask you to go back to location and take photos of road signs and time plates to send to me

5. If PCN is challenge-able, I will let you know and I will go ahead to deliver my job

6. If PCN is not challenge-able, I will let you know, give you a free advise for future situations and I will request for a mutual cancellation so that you can get a refund. 

7. This service is meant for UK drivers only

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