I will make Breaking News Video for £10

  • make Breaking News Video
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Expected delivery 6 days

£10 video will include:

  • newscast music
  • studio background
  • Your LOGO
  • 720p resolution
  • Cover 50 words of your scripts
  • your Logo in Video
  • Professional sound (camera sound)

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No free modification unless I mess up the script.

If you wish to modify due to your error, please order again. Always provide pronunciation of uncommon words and names. I will read the script as it is. If it’s got errors, I will read them, so send a final and grammatically correct script


  • write a script or improvise
  • testimonials
  • gig intros
  • film for dating/ piracy/ adult/ controversial/ illegal/ pharmaceutic businesses or sites about increasing social media following
  • receive products
  • pretend I'm someone else

(please message before ordering if you need any help)

Thank you


*Video and audio testimonial services are paid for promotions undertaken by actors. Buyers must therefore ensure this is made clear wherever the testimonial is used.

See what else you can add to your order

Full HD, one graphic, and a lower third banner
plus 3 days
1080p HD (standard gig is in 720p)
plus 2 days
your Logo / site link / Products Pictures
plus 3 days
More graphics, angles, a news outro, 100 extra words. I will take an exceptional care of your video!
plus 3 days
*includes the price of the gig