I will make Breaking News Video for £10

  • make Breaking News Video
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Expected delivery 6 days

£10 video will include:

  • newscast music
  • studio background
  • Your LOGO
  • 720p resolution
  • Cover 50 words of your scripts
  • your Logo in Video
  • Professional sound (camera sound)

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No free modification unless I mess up the script.

If you wish to modify due to your error, please order again. Always provide pronunciation of uncommon words and names. I will read the script as it is. If it’s got errors, I will read them, so send a final and grammatically correct script


  • write a script or improvise
  • testimonials
  • gig intros
  • film for dating/ piracy/ adult/ controversial/ illegal/ pharmaceutic businesses or sites about increasing social media following
  • receive products
  • pretend I'm someone else

(please message before ordering if you need any help)

Thank you

See what else you can add to your order

Full HD, one graphic, and a lower third banner
plus 3 days
1080p HD (standard gig is in 720p)
plus 2 days
your Logo / site link / Products Pictures
plus 3 days
More graphics, angles, a news outro, 100 extra words. I will take an exceptional care of your video!
plus 3 days
*includes the price of the gig