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  • teach you anything about your website or blog
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Do you need help with your website? Or is there something you don't quite understand about the internet?

I'm here to help. Whatever you want to know about websites,servers, domain names, hosting, web design & development, all you need to do is ask me.

Do you need help with buying a domain name, choosing a good webhost, uploading your website, setting a redirect, moving to a new server, hiring a designer or developer, or basically anything to do with your website?

I'll explain it to you or teach you how to do it.

I've been providing tech support for over 5 years to both users and businesses, so I'm good at explaining these things. Just send me a message and we'll discuss things further to get you your money's worth.

Some other things I've taught people about: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, WordPress, Drupal, Blogger, mailing lists, newsletters, analytics, click tracking, search engines, SEO, optimization, accessibility, responsive designs, hotlinking - or anything else!

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