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Why Is Local SEO So Important?

20% of all Google searchers are looking for local information.Just Google handles 40,000 searches every second!30% of all searches show local restaurants as part of the search result.75% click on a search result on page 1.53% click on the top three results.97% of all consumers who look for local information, do so online.87% of local searches are followed up by a visit or phone call.Therefore, there is a lot to gain by having a high rank in the local search results. Already today,some studies show that one out of three searches are local, when using a cell phone, as opposed to one out of five on a computer. Also this number will only continue to increase.If you are selling a local service or product, you had better get busy performing local SEO or hire a professionals like us so you can get to the top in the local search results. Because you may be a minnow in the vast internet market ocean. But you can easily compete with all the big players in the market, s long as it's on your home turf.
My guide will show you how to do this effectively.

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