I will give a PR, marketing and branding consultation via Skype for £5

  • give a PR, marketing and branding consultation via Skype
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I will give you 15 minutes of branding, PR and marketing advice via Skype. You can buy as many gigs as you want. 

I work in a very celebrity driven and social media environment. I have a huge amount of experience with marketing, branding, PR and getting your brand or company NOTICED by the right people. The company I work for gets THOUSANDS per client for basically the same service I'm selling here for £5. I could get fired for doing this!

I'm up for anything, any question or problem just tell me and I'll help you as best I can. 

Happy customers means happy gigs! I don't cut people off and I always try and resolve any question or dilemma within the alotted time. 

I live in the UK and I'm British. I obviously know a lot about how things work in the UK, but I've also travelled a great deal and can advise for most markets.

Once you've purchased my gig, you have 10 days in which to tell me when you wish to arrange the skype session. 

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I will research your brand before hand (reccomended)
No extra time required
Extra 15 mins
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Extra 1/2 hr
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Extra 1hr plus a FREE write up/summary of the session
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I will deliver this order in 1 day
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