I will write web content of up to 500 words on any subject for £5

  • write web content of up to 500 words on any subject
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Hi!  I'm Graham (aka MrPointer), and I've been a writer for hire at FiveSquid since April 2015.

Born and based in Yorkshire, UK, I've been writing over the years for a wide range of different clients.  Movies, music, animals, cars, current affairs, you name it - I'll write it!  I'm a BA and MA (Masters Degree) graduate in Creative Writing, meaning I'm a man of many (well-chosen!) words.


My writing style is traditionally light-hearted and easy to read - however, if you need me to be particularly serious about a given topic, I will be only too happy to oblige.


For £5, I will write you a personalised article of up to 500 words for any purpose and on any topic of your choosing.  Simple as that!  


I will deliver within seven days of your order (usually sooner if possible) - this will give me enough time to research, write and hone your piece so that it's informative and that it engages with your target audience.  

Please note that my window of seven days' turnaround is temporary due to demand!


I will include one rewrite or revision of up to 1000 words per order.


Please also feel free to contact me if you'd like me to set up a custom order!


Service is available as a weekly subscription; optional at checkout.

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