I will write web content of up to 500 words on any subject for £5

  • write web content of up to 500 words on any subject
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Hi!  I'm Graham (aka MrPointer), and I've been a writer for hire at FiveSquid since April 2015.

I've been writing, blogging and researching over the years, however, for a wide range of different clients.  Movies, music, animals, cars, current affairs, you name it - I'll write it!  I'm a BA and MA graduate in Creative Writing, meaning I'm a man of many (well-chosen!) words.


My writing style is informal and light-hearted, meaning that if you're after entertaining and educational content that doesn't take itself too seriously, I'm your man!


For £5, I will write you a personalised article of up to 500 words for any purpose and on any topic of your choosing.  Simple as that!  


I will deliver within three days of your order (usually sooner if possible) - this will give me enough time to research, write and hone your piece so that it's informative, fun to read and that it engages with your target audience.  


I will include one rewrite or revision of up to 1000 words per order.


If you'd like a longer article or more than one order, please see my 'extras' on the right!


Service is available as a weekly subscription; optional at checkout.

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