I will record you a professional British female Voice Over for £5

  • record you a professional British female Voice Over
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I am a full time Voice Artist from the UK, recording from my own professional vocal booth, using studio grade microphone & equipment.  I do not provide background music or effects but can provide a dry voice recording for any project...

In this gig I will record:  Any voiceover up to 50 words or 3 podcast ids/jingles for £5, in the very highest quality MP3 (320 kbps/48 khz) or WAV (24 bit/48khz) format.  If you need to order a voiceover that is more than 50 words or 3 jingles, then simply add a gig extra to cover the additional words.

Yes Please:
        ✔ Send me your completed script in clear & legible text 

        ✔ Choose your finished format, WAV or MP3

        ✔ 24hr delivery is available, 7 days a week

No Thanks:
        ✖  No swearing, blasphemy or pornographic scripts please

        ✖  I do not provide time to video

        ✖  I do not write or provide scripts

        ✖  No FX or Music, but I can recommend ;-)


Please feel free to send me a message if you have any particular requirements or questions, I very much look forward to working with you...


Service is available as a weekly subscription; optional at checkout.

See what else you can add to your order

An extra 50 words or 3 jingles
No extra time required
An extra 100 words or 6 jingles
No extra time required
Provide up to 5 separate files/recordings
No extra time required
Provide both MP3 and WAV copies of the recording
No extra time required
I will deliver this order in 1 day
Includes Extras
*includes the price of the gig