I will fix all of your web development problems (CSS/HTML/Javascript/PHP/Wordpress) for £5

  • fix all of your web development problems (CSS/HTML/Javascript/PHP/Wordpress)
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I'm an undergraduate student who has 5+ years in the web development industry, i've worked for and helped build companies online presence since the age of 16. Within these 5 years, I have come across several issues myself in and would like to use my experience to help be an asset to others who are not so technical or who simply do not have the time.


My rates start from £5 per job, depending on how tedious the job is, this price may increase, although we can negotiate and I will inform you of this before any work is done and if you are unhappy you will receive a full refund.


My work predominately revolves around all matters that revolve around the following:


HTML5, CSS3, Javascript (jQuery), PHP & Wordpress.


If you're still unsure or have any questions, feel free to contact me and I will be free to answer any of your questions.


Although my days to deliver is at '7 days', work can be delivered considerably faster as i'm one of those undergraduate university students/developers who never sleeps. :)

7 days is just to safeguard myself incase I need to take a few days off for a university test/exam.


Thank you!

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