I will do a copywrite SEO for you for £5

  • do a copywrite SEO for you
  • do a copywrite SEO for you
  • do a copywrite SEO for you
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Hello I am writing to let you get a formal services, I work as freelance dedicated full time, I usually I spend 10 hours a day and an average of 50 hours / week to complete important online work as you require, I am very committed in the work I do.

What I offer you?: I offer you write an article written by a professional, clear, 400 words in any cateogory, formal or casual, I'll repeat 6 keywords that you want inside the article, plus I'll write a list of 20 keywords.

Limitation in my proposal: Just copywrite the Article with 400 word and 20 keyword list.

Delivery time: 3 day

Experience: I have extensive experience writing a variety of articles for a wider market, for many important clients, web content, history, about music, theater, tv, I also highlighted the keywords.

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