I will Record a 100 word professional Male UK voiceover for £5

  • Record a 100 word professional Male UK voiceover
  • Record a 100 word professional Male UK voiceover
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Are you looking for a voiceover recording? My name is Mike Porter Im a professional British voiceover and ive spent the last 24 years working for some of the largest radio groups in the UK and as a result ive been trained by some of the best voice coaches in the business.

I will voice 100 words for £5

All VO's are delivered as an mp3 (192kbts) within 24 hours, if you want a wav file or delivered faster or if you need the VO timed to fit your video  just buy the appropriate job extra.

Please make sure your script is correct before sending it to me as if its wrong I will charge to voice it again.

Please note I offer 1 revision on each job, if you require any more versions just buy the jobs again.

Checkout my portfolio: https://soundcloud.com/mike_porter_voice-over

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Make your job the next one I work on
No extra time required
Deliver the finished file as a wav
No extra time required
Match the timing of my voiceover to your video (per minute)
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For the TV broadcast licence
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*includes the price of the gig