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  • do qualitative and quantitative market research
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Market Research is now more important than ever with continuous change in market trends, the boom in social media, customer behavior, etc.This is where I can step in. I can work with you (or your team) on all aspects of your company's market research and marketing strategy.

You may have a particular area of concern currently within the business that you want me to work on or equally you may want me to provide an analysis on your activities and provide improvements on these.

I am completely results orientated and all work must be tracked so that we can ensure KPIs are met and changes implemented. You are hiring me to make positive and necessary changes so you can maximize the resources you have effectively.

Areas I cover include:

Competitor Analysis/Research

Niche Research

Market Trends

Market Drivers

Market Growth

SWOT analysis

Demographic Research & Analysis

Market Strategy

Target Audience

Market size.And so on.....

This market research will not only help you validate your new business idea but will also open your eyes to areas where you can maximize overall growth.

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