I will Submit 5 million Social Media Bookmarks Backlinks - Any Niche for £195

  • Submit 5 million Social Media Bookmarks Backlinks - Any Niche
  • Submit 5 million Social Media Bookmarks Backlinks - Any Niche
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Firstly, social Bookmarks are very certainly one of the most popular ot countless webmaster's Offsite Strategies?


This is also one of the very few ways of gaining High Quality Backlinks for free. Secondly, here's also a vastly huge niche targeted audience.


Thirdly, you can hugely promote your brand. Plus, generate immense quantities of quality niche related human traffic.


Therefore, Social Bookmarks are the proven path for many of webmaster's SEO and Digital Marketing Successes.



  • Vastly Improve Brand Awareness
  • Increase Site Visitors
  • Improve SERPs Rankings
  • Higher Conversion Rates
  • Promote Products/Services
  • Boost Orders
  • Ease Marketing Budget
  • Gain Marketplace Insights


  1. All Live Backlinks
  2. Permanent Backlinks
  3. SEO + SMM Ultra-Safe
  4. Google Updates Safe
  5. Rapid Premium Indexers
  6. Tiered (Multi-Levels) Types
  7. Unique Domains Used
  8. All Niches Accepted
  9. Full Detailed Excel Report


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it's not what we do - but the way we do it

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1,000 Targeted Keywords Offsite SEO - MONTHLY RENEWAL
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£95 value - 1m Additional Social Bookmarks Links
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£195 Value - 5m Adult or Casino Blog Comments Link-Juice
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300-500 Words of Engaing, Informative and Compelling SEO Article
plus 7 days
*includes the price of the gig