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  • professionally edit and enhance your photos
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I will be able to provide the following services to edit and enhance your photos:

Background Change: Complete or partial background change or removal

Removal of People or Objects:  I will remove anything that is obstructing your photo

Themed Editing: I can edit a theme and provide any enhancements with your specifications of absolutely any theme 

Enhance and Retouching: I can enhance your photos including removing of facial blemishes and spots and basically anything else.

Background Removal- I can completely remove the background of your photo and provide with a basic background or just a png file for you to use yourself

Themed Invitations: I can create a themed invitation to a event using your photos for ex. birthday or wedding.

Photoshoot Editing: I can edit and enhance photoshoot photos including weddings, baby photos, special events etc.. 

And so much more...

If you need my services and are wanting specific editing that isn't  included above please ask and im sure with my skills and experience I will definitely be able to help. 

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