I will be your dedicated creative virtual assistant for £5

  • be your dedicated creative virtual assistant
  • be your dedicated creative virtual assistant
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As a creative assistant, rather than helping you tackle time-consuming spreadsheets and scheduling, I will instead help with the creative side of handling a business that can be just as laborious. Having the right eye-catching visuals can be the rise or fall of a business, and I am here to offer my expertise as a creative assistant.

Why me?

I’m committed, organized, and always prepared to share my creativity with those who require it. I keep up with deadlines, multitask, and will be more than happy to keep you updated during the duration of the time my services are requested. During that time, I am open to collaboration and integrating ideas that you might want to be included. If revisions are needed, I will acknowledge and incorporate them. 

As your creative virtual assistant, I can assist you with:

  • Creating Graphic Content (Canva)
  • Social Media (Management, Engagement, Graphics)
  • Blog Support (Proofing, Editing, Content Writing) 
  • Web Support (Squarespace, WordPress, Copywriting, Content Writing)
  • Organization (Asana, ClickUp)

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